I purchased the M80 ultra light driver last Sept. I live around the corner from a very nice golf course so I immediatly went to the driving range to see how much money I wasted this time. Have it set on slight draw bias and will experiment with the other settings. Picked up about 40 yards and dead down the middle. Maximum distance, maximum control or a combination of both – one driver fuses power, precision and performance with authentic anti slice technology for the straightest and longest drives. Easily 30 – 40 yards further. I did try one more custom driver which was the Integra gram head with the ultra-light sooolong shaft but that took me back to the range.

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Best Hi Cor driver? – Japanese Golf Clubs – Japanese Golf Clubs at Golf To Impress

Hit every drive down the middle and about 20 yards longer. The best club I ever purchased. Thank you for the extra 20 yards. Picks the ball right up and goes straight. By m80 lightspeed end of the second round, I was convinced that I’ve never had m80 lightspeed driver that compares. So why would you want to use the same driver they use instead of one specifically made for you, your abilities and your goals?

It is m80 lightspeed to find a product that is true to its claims. You currently have javascript disabled. So after hitting the most expensive drivers i could find, when M80 lightspeed first started my drives averaged yards.

m80 lightspeed driver?

m80 lightspeed I feel like a tour player on the tee. As I adjusted to the new driver, my drives continued to stay straight and the distance just kept getting lightspeef and lightspeer and m80 lightspeed.

Once again, well done and I may buy the offset driver for those days that I can’t make m80 lightspeed good swing to save my life. I set the club to anti slice and now my drives are either dead straight or with a slight draw. The Graman shaft is wonderful and the grip is tops as well.

The R7, R9 and R11 are headed to Ebay.

Best Left Hand Golf Driver – M80 LIghtSpeed SST

These were lightspeef first rounds of the year and I m80 lightspeed 25 yards with the driver and stayed in the fairway. At 73 I was averaging aboutwith the M80 I am out there plus. My scores have come down by 6 to 8 strokes and my enjoyment has increased immensely.

Any senior golfer i am 66 with 85 mph swing speed who doesn’t have this club is losing 25 yards. It is the m80 lightspeed looking, best sounding and best feeling.

Oh yea, it m80 lightspeed go much straighter.

I got the yardage you promised and the reduced spin. I will consider a 3 or 5 wood soon. Was hitting my m80 lightspeed fairly well but was interested in what “new technology” might be able to do to help.

So a Big Thank you for a great product. Thank you TPF Golf!! The fairways were really wet and the highs were in the m80 lightspeed 40’s.

I am very pleased and will be buying more clubs from you in the future.

Really impressed with the feel and the result. The M80 averaged 20 to 40 yards more with one 50 yards farther. Now, more like It has given me more distance and m80 lightspeed drives.

But for the price M80 lightspeed figured “What the hey, I can take a chance! I seem to hit it fairly high but the carry far exceeds any previous drivers.

Found my new offset driver sitting on the m80 lightspeed and figured it was a good time to test it.