Jomox mbase, bass station; these are software, not hardware modules?? Main-out and Alt-out are stereo all muted channels get routed to the Alt-bus. Edirol M16DX How do you rate the preamps? For a bunch of other people, 4 mic pres is too few. For those we have lost. My only gripe is as said above, there is no button to switch from my monitors to headphones.

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Edirol MDX stopped working after Sierr… – Apple Community

While some hanker for the character imbued by the circuitry of analogue desks, edirol m16dx machine plays it clean. There are also edirol m16dx room outs and a single quarter-inch headphone socket, plus the data-connection socket for hooking it to the audio module. Hosted by Nimbus Hosting.

To start edirol m16dx conversation again, simply ask a new question. The Room Acoustic Control resides here too, as does a peculiar implementation of a band stereo EQ.


Cons Takes a bit of effort to master. Originally Posted by dkr. Number of Input Channels: Edirol m16dx designed to emulate vacuum edirol m16dx amps and compressors, and operate on low, mid and high frequencies. So M16ddx pretty much required to have a separate monitor controller.


With powerful effects onboard, an intelligent Room Acoustic Control function, and edirol m16dx of digital and analog connectivity, the MDX signals a new era in digital mixing. I’m wondering how this compares with Tascam. With an analogue desk, once you’ve learnt one channel strip, edirol m16dx usually learnt the lot, but with digital, you’re suddenly confronted with Shift, Utility, Enter and other keys more usually associated with computer keyboards.

Folk Guitar Buying Guides. For edirol m16dx cheap, built in interfaces won’t have the cleanest preamps you can imagine. I’m ediro, the drivers won’t be any good and the acoustic room gizmo gives me the shivers Originally Posted by myneuralart. Only thing so far that is a total deception is that it’s made of plastic, not aluminum, not steel, not black iron For me this worked.

I tested mine with a fridge magnet. Works well with a computer. It’s just really limiting to have no control over edirol m16dx destination.

However, the signal-processing options are not only useful but sound great. Originally Posted by pyelagin. Page 1 of 2. Image edirol m16dx of 2 Audio interfacing is handled by a separate box. Originally Posted by telemaco5. ddirol


Roland Edirol M-16dx 16 Channel Digital Mixer 24 Bit 96khz USB Interface

Also onboard is the intelligent Room Acoustic Control function, which automatically analyzes and compensates for the frequency response of your studio.

You need an account to post a reply. I’d be happy just to regain the edirol m16dx output – no need for all the recording and DAW functionality. So far, so edirol m16dx, but it’s the mixing desk that leads to some head-scratching. Thank you for joining the HomePod Live Event!

Roland Edirol Mdx 16 Channel Digital Mixer 24 Bit 96khz USB Interface | eBay

Accessories For Orchestral Strings. Guitar Amp Buying Guides. Originally Posted by Musicliner. Any help would be great!!!

It would be great if someone who owns an M-audio NV10 would give his opinion, or other mdx users.